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Fictional Portrayals of Social Services & Child Protective Services

I’ve created a new area of this website using the awesome WordPress Add New Page tools. As a quick aside from the topic of this post, I am somebody that had worked nearly a year creating and maintaining tools for web Content Management used on many hospital intranets, which I feel gives me the authority to say: I am very impressed with the quality of WordPress’s online publication and Content Management system! Obviously that should be true since I decided to use it for this site, but it has pleasantly surprised me with its professionalism today, much love to the programmers who work to fine-tune this thing, may you never be swayed by short-term motives to give up the excellent software engineering shown here!

Another amazing coincidence on this post, is that I wrote my own open source Content Management Solution that attracted the attention of a certain person who now is being portrayed by a reality-inspired fictional movie of his own!

So the main point was that I’ve been inspired by watching a great movie on Hulu called “The English Harem” to document all of the media portrayals of incidents involving Social Services, both in works of fiction, like Movies, TV show Episodes, and Books and in various non-fictional works reporting of specific incidents and documenting overall outcomes and ongoing issues, corruption, and change in major beauracratic systems worldwide.

This site is specially focused on the United State’s individual State-court systems, and the US National Laws that guide the overall state laws, including the idiosyncracies within individual states laws that compicate the likelyhood of obtaining sound advice from any community consensus, and communications between jurisdictions allowing best practices to emerge from work performed creating socially-beneficial policies by forward-thinking branches of the children’s services institution! Due to the major cultural and legal similarities between the US, Great Britain, and other “Western” states driving the implementation of similar laws with similar institutions, relevant related media from the UK will be included!

Now seeking volunteers to add relevant titles to the Fictional Media section!

So there are tons of sweet movies and TV shows that one can find online now adays that not only provide great entertainment, but an easily accessible look into public perceptions of the potential for injustice & tenuous slippery slope presented and other moral hazards evident in the beauracracies handing the provision of Child Protective Services worldwide!

This episode embodies something I appear to have in common with Hank Hill! I am willing to go to court and make a spectacle of myself in order to try to clear my good name!  I also enjoy performing in-depth research of the truth behind suspicious legal matters.

“I don’t mind being called a liar when I’m lying, or about to lie, or just finished lying, but NOT WHEN I’m TELLING THE TRUTH!” -Homer Simpson

This blog I intend to create as my single narrative of my quest to fix some nasty institutional corruption I ran into when I had my first personal dealings with a government agency I had never heard of: The Los Angeles County DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services).  I named this website with the subdomain FixSS, because in most counties the role of implementing the mandates of Family Court is performed by the local Social Services department, such as in Orange County CA, where the agency is named OCSS, or Orange County Social Services Agency.  My greater goal is to use this blog to discuss aspects of Social Services in general that are “Broken” in that they do not fulfill the needs of society due to conflicting motives, and Moral Hazards including the most treacherous corruptor to the greater good: Money!